• Johnstone High School
    This is where the journey begins.
    Follow our intredid adventures as they set out from
    the school on the hill and journey to the country
    on a hill.

    Will the little school ever seem the same again?
  • Himalaya Mountains
    Journey's end.
    On the borders of Tibet and India lies the
    mountainous, majestical country of Nepal.
    Home to Mount Everest and 8 of the world's
    10 highest mountains - and in Chitwan National
    Park, the tiger's and rhinos.

    A poor nation, but with friendly and open
    citizen's, what treasured memories will our
    team return home with?

Welcome to Johnstone High's Challenge Nepal Web Site

This is the website of Team Nepal - the student's of Johnstone High School who will be embarking on a life-defining trip to Nepal for 3 weeks commencing the last week of June 2013, under the World Challenge banner. In the meantime, the team will be working hard to raise the considerable funds required to finance the trip. Details of the fundraising initiatives that will be taking place can be found in the pages of this site.

Between now and June 2013 the team will be planning the itinerary for the trip which will involve a trekking phase, a project (perhaps in a local school or an orphanage) and a small time to recharge batteries before returning home.

What happens each day on expedition will be dictated by the team - they set the itinerary, they plan and manage each day, they hold the budget and they make the mistakes - or not.


Latest News

October 2012

Morrisons's Bag Pack

Saturday 20th October will see the challengers bag pack in Morrisons in Johnstone as the fund raising process continues.

September 2012

Training Expedition

On the 29th and 30th of September the team will be in Aviemore for their training expedition. Time for team bonding, and consideration of what their roles will be come the real deal in June 2013. Environmental control officer anyone?

September 2012

Come As You Please Day

20th September has been allocated a Come As You Please day in the school to show support for the challenge Nepal team as they embark on their 2nd school year raising funds for the expedition come June 2013.

August 2012

Pre-Training Expedition Meeting

The team will undertake their training expedition in Aviemore on September 29th and 30th. This will give the challengers their best opportunity yet to work together as a team and focus their thoughts on the challenges that lie ahead. Read more.

August 2012

Initial Itinerary

The intitial itinerary has now been formulated. This shows the outline detail of the trekking phase of the expedition, in line with the team's decision to trek to Poon Hill. Further details, inclusing a listing of the itinerary and a link to an entertaining blog of a similar natureare are available on the expedition page. Read more.

June 2012

School Concert

Th team worked together with the music department to put on a superb 2 nights of musical entertainment in the school to tound out term 2011-2012. A great chance to showcase the many talented performers in the school in years 1 to 6 - not forgetting the impressive Mr Smythe. Read more.