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Introducing Email

In this unit you will learn to use Glow to access your school Email account and learn all about Email.

Email has some advantages over land based "snail Mail"

  1. Very easy and quick to send mail.
  2. Can transfer files (pictures, documents, videos, music etc) as attachments.
  3. Can send the same mail message to groups of people in one go.
  4. Much cheaper than snail mail.


To go to the site click either on;



You will carry out a series of exercises and become familiar with each of these advantages.

When you complete an exercise make sure you mark it off in your progress grids.


About your User Name and password!

  1. Your USERNAME is slightly different from the one used at school. It is made up 4 parts.
    1. gw short for Glow.
    2. 09 or the year you first started at Johnstone High school
    3. Your full name begriming with your second name first and then your first name.
    4. A digit 1 or 2, possibly 3 at the very end, depending on how many others there are with the same name. - check with your teacher.
  2. So as an example the Glow username for Joe Bloggs who came to Johnstone in 2009 would be:

    • gw09BloggsJoe1 - notice its all one word.


  3. Your PASSWORD has to include:
    1. A minimum of eight characters.
    2. A space and
    3. A number
    1. Use the same password you use to log onto the School Network and add a space and a zero at the end.
    2. If your password is less than 8 characters, make it up to 8 with spaces, so as an example:
      • if your usual password is rat then it becomes rat      0 : the underline is just used to show the empty spaces.
    4. To change your password go to Logging Into Glow for more information.



What you have to do!

  1. Watch the movie to see how to log into Glow and change your password.
    • Make this the same as your school log in password.
    • Make sure your teacher has a copy of this password in case you forget.
  2. Click the picture above to go to the Glow website OR the "SIGN IN TO GLOW" link at the top of each page and log in.
  3. Make sure you know where the key parts are on the home page
  4. Customise your Home page if you want.



What you should be able to do at the end of this unit!


Continue to Exercise 1: Sending Mail


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