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Higher Information Systems

The Higher Course Comprises 2 core units, Relational Database Systems and Using Information, and one optional unit, with Expert Systems being the unit of choice in the department.

A vital component of the course is the coursework task, which comprises 30% of the overall mark for the course. The coursework is in 2 parts. Part 1 considers Relational Database Systems and involves the creation of a relational database with the establishment of relationships, data validation and implementing reports. Initially, pupils will be asked to create one part of a data dictionary. Part 2 will consider how to implement solutions using tools in use in management information systems. Previous projects have used web authoring, multimedia presentations, desktop publishing and Gantt charts,

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Relational Database Systems

Considering databases at Higher level is unlike anything pupils will have encountered previously in their dealings with this ever so important tool in the management of information.

Considering anomalies, normalising from Un-Normalised Form (UNF) toThird Normal Form (3NF), creating data dictionaries, implementing solutions and creating queries, forms and reports are only some of the issues to be considered in this core topic.

Assessment is undertaken via a multiple choice National Assessment Bank (NAB) with the practical part of the NAB undertaken during day to day practical tasks in class.

Using Information

What is data, information and knowledge? How do organisations use ICT to manage these essential items in business communications? What tools are used for data management? What are the social, legal and ethical issues involved in data management involving ICT?

This is a large wide, ranging topic with a lot of theory to cover, which again is assessed via a multiple choice NAB and day to day practical tasks.

Expert SystemsExpert Systems

Machine as man. Not quite. Expert systems is one area of the wider umbrella topic of Artificial Intelligence. How do we get a computer system to provide the kind of expert advice that a human expert could? This topic covers components and categories of expert systems, conflict resolution and certainty factors, knowledge representation via factor tables, rule trees and production rules. And lots more besides.

The assessment works similar to relational database systems and using information.

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