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The Prelim exams are around the corner and that means you have to do some revision: but don't let it grind you down. Little and often is what we say.

Exams are Coming

So make sure you check out our new Revision tips and download center, where you can get copies of course notes and keep yourself upto date.

You know the truth is out there!

Also we're pleased to announce a new competiion. If you're feeling at all creative, submit a picture and have it featured on this page and get extra cool points, kudos and admiration from all your friends and everyone who visits this site.


Option Choices

Struggling to decide what to do as a Standard Grade? Puzzling over Highers? Wondering what to do after school?

Puzzle and wonder no more! Look upon our mighty works and then you decide.

  1. What to do after S2 and S4 in school!
  2. Taking school further in additional learning!
  3. How to earn dosh as a grown up!

Explore the Standard Grade Course

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More About The Site

Many sections are complete and only a few remain to be finished. Our aim is to eventually have the entire Standard Grade Computing course available on this site and accessible from home. It will include both the subject knowledge required for all levels and practical tasks. Homework is completed 'on-line' and marked homework can be collected via the homework link. Each section includes links to extension questions which can be downloaded either as Word 'form' documents or in PDF file format. . More Info....

Many sections include 'HOW TO' movies which demonstrate simple tasks and concepts and pupils are encouraged to watch them.


Tools for Dyslexic Learners

Visual memory techniques can help dyslexics to take notes, learn and plan, opening new opportunites for academic and vocational success. Being able to graphically organise thoughts, or 'mind map' is proven technique for stimulating thinking and learning.

Get your own copy and start building YOUR Brain.







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